Botfuel integration with iAdvize

A styleguide

Botfuel is pleased to announce the launch of its solution in iAdvize marketplace

Botfuel is a startup specializing in conversational intelligence. The company offers solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize brand customer relationship management.

Engage in conversations 24 hours a day

Thanks to the automatic processing of natural language you can now engage 100% of your visitors using a conversational agent. The bot can analyze visitor requests and detect their intentions. It can then process part of the requests on its own or redirect them to the right human agent when appropriate.

Among the possibilities offered by Botfuel within iAdvize

  • Deal with level 1 support issues without human intervention.
  • Discard low value-added conversations.
  • Detect the nature of a conversation (Customer Service, Pre-Sales...) in order to direct to the right agents.
  • Train the bot to your business specificities

During installation, you can use your conversation history to set up a bot that will be immediately operational. Then, thanks to a simple interface proposed by Botfuel, you can configure your bot to make it specific to your different business use cases.

Gradually the bot will use the conversations to progress and refine its ability to detect intentions.

Learn more about how Botfuel can help you deliver a better customer experience today.