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Exceptional Customer Service is Key to e-Commerce Success

March 20, 2019

When Facebook attempted to launch chatbots for Messenger in 2017, they racked up a 70% failure rate! Not a great start to automating customer service, especially at a time when customers were really starting to demand more, and expecting exceptional customer service as a given. It’s a particular characteristic of e-Commerce, where next day delivery has become standard and unified, multi-channel…

Overcoming the Hurdles of Implementing Automated Customer Support

March 19, 2019

Today’s customers demand a lot from brands and businesses. When they have questions or need help, they expect to get a response immediately. For them, it’s a business’s responsibility to be available 24/7. And whether or not businesses actually have the resources or budget to make their customer service teams accessible around the clock, they have no choice today but to step up their customer…

The Future of AI-Fueled Customer Service Is Now

March 04, 2019

Today’s customers demand a lot. They don’t have the patience to wait for hours on the phone to get their questions answered or to sift through endless streams of links on a customer service page to get the information they need. When they want answers, they want them fast.This helps explain why many customer today choose to contact businesses digitally for help, through social media or email, for…

Contributors guidelines

March 01, 2019

Thanks for your interest in writing for the Botfuel blog! Guest posts are an excellent opportunity to for us to educate our audience on a broader range of topics outside of our team’s expertise.Below are a few things to keep in mind when submitting an idea for the blog.What Can You Write About?Our blog focuses heavily on customer service automation, but we also cover other, related topics our…